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Welcome to Impossible Dreams Kennel, located in Miami, Oklahoma! I hope you are able to find the puppy of your dreams or that someone special.

I am a professional breeder and licensed and inspected by State of Oklahoma #140 and AKC. The majority of my dogs are AKC registered. I do have a few that are APRI registered.

I am a single mother of one daughters and a son and suffering from empty nest syndrome! After raising my children, I needed something that made my life fulfilling. I have always been an animal lover and always had chickens, geese, goats, cows, dogs and cats in my life. Then I moved to the city. Needless to say, keeping farm animals was no longer possible. I really missed having them all around me.

I had always loved Yorkies and one year my daughter gave me one for Christmas. She was beautiful! This present gave me the idea, Why not raise them? So I took a second job to raise money to buy yorkies. They were the most beautiful little puppies! And I just love their personalities. She wasn't scared of him, and so proud of herself!

I now haveFrench Bulldogs,(Champion Bloodlines),,Yorkies .
I have moved to the country on ten acres, along with my parents who are retired. However, I brought them out of retirement because they love animals as much as I do!

My mother is a retired L.P.N., so she is the nurse for anything that is ill. She loves the new puppies and tends to the whelping house. Mom has saved a lot of puppies and she collects them in the house. It gets kind of full so we have to move them out and make room for the next ones who may need her... or is that the other way around?

My father is deceased now,He did all the maintenance. He is really missed now.

Now you know a little more about Impossible Dreams Kennel and how we came to be. I thought it was an impossible dream to have my own business, much less doing something that I really enjoy doing. But now I am doing what I love, and surrounded by the ones I love.

If you have any questions, please email us at or contact us at 918-540-2817.
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Welcome to Impossible Dreams Kennel

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