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Welcome to Impossible Dreams Kennel
We are always anxious to hear how our puppies are doing in their new homes! Below are some customer comments regarding our services and their new puppies. If you would like to share your comments with us, please email us at

Debra, Thanks so much I love her. She is a beautiful White Schnauzer and very smart. She is housebroken and alert and, I can say you Have a gift from God. Earl, Michigan
Oh, I LOVE a challenge!!! He is WONDERFUL!!! It wouldn't be any fun if he did everything I wanted him too! The fun part is watching him and the cat. They are at each other all the time :)))) I think they enjoy their play fighting, because they keep going at each other!! He is sooo funny. After he finally submitted to me after I rolled him on his back, he gets mad and doesn't want to look at me ;)))) I pick him up to kiss him, and he turns his face away. He's just too funny!!! He's such a smart little guy!! He was able to come up the stairs the first day home. Going down was another story, but he figured that out after a week. He is just so full of himself, and not scared of a thing!! I love it!
Shawn, Max, Meg, Mo, Manny, Paloma, Abbie, Annie, JR and Mr. PIB!
Hi Debra,

First, we have renamed Lucy. Secondly...she is absolutely fabulous! We were able to house-train her (pee-pee) within 24 hours...she is very bright. Every day she seems to feel more comfortable. Thanks again...I appreciate your patience in allowing me the time to take her to my vet.

Steve M.
Dear Debra,

We hope all is well with you in Oklahoma! The puppies are doing quite well. They are named Pearl (white one) and Peanut (salt & pepper one).

We had them to the vet Monday for another puppy shot and they have grown quite a bit. Pearl was about 4# 14 oz. on 2/4/05 and is now a bit over 7#. Peanut was 4# 4 oz. and is now just shy of 6#. We have started feeding them out of separate bowls so we can monitor what Peanut eats. Pearl eats faster and we don't want to harm Peanut's growth. We expect she will be smaller but that's OK as long as she is fed properly too.

As I mentioned before (when I called to say we got them and the vet said they were OK), our vet was quite impressed with your paperwork! Thank you for being so specific as it helped him quite a bit. He also said they have healthy hearts (no murmurs), good ears (very clean), a good 'bite' (teeth/gums are healthy too) and good color in their eyes. This last Monday, the vet did ask if we knew the pups mom and dad's size and weight so he can keep that in their records. We will truly appreciate your e-mailing us with this detail.

Thank you again Debra. We truly love them.

Cheri & Jim T.
Wanted to let you know ELVIS is doing great. He's now the new boss. He loves us and his home and is growing up. We love him and his color(black and white parti schnauzer) is getting a lot of attention. We'll stay in touch, hope your Kennel is doing good and we are glad we found you and Elvis. Cooter and Darla D.
Hey there Debra... It's me Leslie R. Just wanted to send you a little note and let you know how much we love Diesel!(Yorkie) he is doing really well. I bring him to work with me everyday and he plays with his friend Sugar(a Maltese puppy that my co-worker has) they have so much fun together. He has such a cute little face and wonderful temperment, the kids and him are the best of friends and when we get home from work every night he plays outside with our German Shepard(they are cute together) I think the big dog is more afraid of Diesel than Deisel is of him. So anyway just wanted to send a little update to say thank you so much for all you did and for taking such good care of your dogs. Diesel could not be more spoiled than he is, he goes everywhere we go and he even has his own diaper bag, as we call it. Thanks again Leslie R.

By the way do you have any more Yorkie's that will be ready to ship anytime soon? I have some friends and family who have fallen in love with Diesel and now want a Yorkie of there own.

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